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Photos included were taken in Norway, East Africa, Canada, Kentucky, Oregon, Washington State, Montana, Wyoming and Nebraska. Diana's photographs capture moments of unique light, texture, mood and geometric structure.

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Diana's Panoramas

Diana's most recent work for the New York Observer can be seen here and at www.nyc.gov/photos. Additionally, her work is featured in the Spring 2013 Nikon World Magazine. Her photographs have appeared in the Nikon calendar, other issues of Nikon World magazine and on the Nikon website. Diana travels extensively and has photographed in Russia, China, Africa, the South Pacific, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Italy, Sicily, France, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Canada and the United States. Diana's work crosses many styles as she is continually exploring new ways of incorporating light, gesture and geometry.

Diana studied at Ohio University and New York University.

Bull Elk Crossing the Snake River, Wyoming

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